Slide Shows

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We owe many thanks to Dave Franck for creating and providing these slide shows to us.

1932 Fords 02-27-17 (4.9MB) 1947 Fords 02-04-17 (4.5MB)
1936 Fords 03-01-17 (5.1MB) 1947 Fords 02-27-17 (5.1MB)
1950 Fords 03-04-17 (5.3MB) Camaros 11-09-16 (4.9MB)
Car Haulers 12-13-16 (3.5MB) Corvairs Part I 02-25-17 (4.3MB)
Corvairs Part II 02-25-17 (3.0MB) New: Corvettes 04-08-17 (4.2MB)
Coupes and Sedans 03-04-17 (4.4MB) Coupes and Sedans 02-27-17 (5.2MB)
Coupes and Sedans 11-10-16 (4.9MB) Delivery Trucks 12-14-16 (3.0MB)
Hot Rod Accidents 03-09-17 (2.8MB) Hudsons 01-12-17 (4.5MB)
New: Older Cadillacs 04-03-17 (5.5MB) Panels and Delivery Trucks Part I 03-06-17 (3.6MB)
Panels and Delivery Trucks Part II 03-06-17 (3.7MB) Panels and Delivery Trucks Part III 03-06-17 (3.8MB)
New: Pickups and Panels 04-06-17 (5.3MB) Pickups and Panels 11-11-16 (4.8MB)
Rat Rods 03-07-17 (5.0MB) Rat Rods 02-01-17 (5.3MB)
Rolls Royce 02-07-17 (5.9MB) New: Special Cars 03-30-17 (4.7MB)
Special Cars 12-12-16 (4.6MB) Vacation Trailers 03-07-17 (6.5MB)
Vintage Cars 11-01-16 (4.5MB) Vintage Cars 12-04-16 (5.0MB)
Vintage Automobiles 02-28-17 (4.9MB) Woodies 12-22-16 (3.8MB)